Brel Ne nous quitte pas - 40 ans déjà

2018 restoration, for the 40th anniversary of his death

Source: Universal
French with Hebrew subtitle


40 years after his death, the memory of the Great Jacques Brel is still alive. His unforgettable songs and passionate interpretation still vibrate and continue to influence the new generations of singers and songwriters. "Brel at Knokke" and "Farewell to Olympia" are two legendary concerts restored in an amazing quality for the cinema.

Concert 1 - Knokke-le-Zoute

Brel would never missed out on performing in Knokke-Le-Zoute (located in Belgium, his homecountry) and did so annually. It was during this concert at Knokke Casino on July 23, 1963, that Brel performed for the first time Madeleine.


Concert 2 - Farewell to Olympia 

On 1966, Jacques Brel bid farewell to the Olympia stage. This last recital will remain forever in the history of the famous hall. This concert retains a very strong emotional dimension because it was part of his last tour.



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